Five months ago the Russian World Cup Championship was held. Participation in this important event of 32 national teams gives us a sample of the most sought-after professionals in the football market, among more than 700 participants. The economic newspaper Expansion made a few months ago a small report in images about the market value of the participating teams. We wanted to go a little further and we explain some data that we have been able to collect from different sources. We focus on this article who are the players by position with a higher economic value and from here we made “the most expensive team in the world”.

On the basis that the players who participated in the World Cup in Russia are the best, at least of their countries and that, the economic value of these is determined by the rescission clauses they have, what the receiving clubs have paid for their services or the study of sports analysts, we explain by lines who are the most sought-after footballers.
If we start with the goalkeepers we could choose at least 5 athletes. Two Brazilians, one Spanish and one German. It is, by order of “quotation”, of Marc-André Ter Stegen, player of FC Barcelona and with an estimated value of 80 million euros; David De Egea, of Manchester United and with a value of 70 million; Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, with a cache of 65 million euros; the Brazilians Alisson, of FC Liverpool and Ederson, of Manchester City, both with an estimated value of 60 million euros.
As for the defense, we will move in a group of up to 10 players. Of these, half play in the Spanish League, one in the Italian Serie A, two in the German Bundesliga, one in French Ligue 1 and one last in the English Premier League. It is about the Madridistas Varane, Marcelo and Carvajal, with respectively 80, 70 and 60 million euros, by Jordi Alba and Samuel Umtiti of FC Barcelona, ​​with a stipulated value of 70 million euros, by the Senegalese Koulibaly of Naples , with a value of 60 million, the German Hummels and Kimmich, of the Bayern of Munich and with an economic value of 55 million euros, the Brazilian Marquinhos of the Paris Saint-Germain, with an economic value of 55 million and the English John Stones, Manchester City with the same value as the previous ones.
We turn next to the game constructors of the various selections. In the center of the field and, without entering at the moment into the particular positions of each one, we find the following figures. In descending order from the point of view of economic value (in parentheses), the Belgian De Bruyne, Manchester City (150 million), followed by the Brazilian of FC Barcelona Coutinho (150), the British – Nigerian, from Tottenham Dele Alli (100), Manchester United’s French player Paul Pogba (90), Spaniards Saul, from Atlético de Madrid, and Madrid’s Marco Asensio and Isco, all with a stipulated value of 90 million euros and, with the same value, Serbian Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, from Lazio. To close the group of midfielders we find, with an economic value of 80 million euros Toni Kroos, German Real Madrid, James Rodriguez, Colombian Bayern Munich, Christian Eriksen, Danish Tottenham, Sergio Busquets, FC Barcelona and the French N’Golo Kanté of Chelsea.
To finish and, before revealing our preferred lineup, the 10 forwards that are above 100 million euros. We started with the triplet of 180 million: Messi, of FC Barcelona and Neymar and Mbappé, of Paris Saint-Germain. We continue with the players valued at 150 million euros, such as Belgian Hazard, Chelsea, Egyptian Salah, Liverpool, British Kane Tottenham and French Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann. Below these we have the Argentine Dybala of Juventus, with an economic value of 110 million and the Belgian Lukaku, of Manchester United and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, of the Juve, both valued at 100 million euros.
Starting from the greater economic value of the player, therefore of a higher valuation of his performance and of his concrete positions, that is to say, his complementarity, the most expensive team of the world and the best one (¿¿¿) for us would be the one formed by Marc-André Ter Stegen, under the posts, Raphaël Varane and Samuel Umtiti in the center of the defense, Jordi Alba in the left and Carvajal in the right, Kevin De Bruyne, Paul Pogba and Sergio Busquets as constructors in the midfield and, in front, Leo Messi, Neymar and Mbappé. Who would not want to see this team playing? But you should prepare 1,220 million euros to have their services, separate file.

Footnote: the economic values ​​have been extracted from the digital publication tranfermarkt